When Is The Best Time To Take Nexium


how many nexium are there in a prescription bottle?

nexium is not covered by insurance or medicaid. The cost of nexium varies depending on the amount purchased and brand name. The average price for 100 pills, which usually lasts about 10 days, is between $50-$60 dollars per pill. Some generic brands may cost as little as $10 dollars per pill. Another option is to go with one of the generics available at lower prices than those listed above; however you will need to check on your particular pharmacy’s coverage before purchasing them online or at a discount store such as Walmart or Target . You can also purchase some less expensive medicine such as Zantac , Prilosec OTC , Pepcid AC and Prevacid 24HR from major pharmacies like Walgreens , CVS/pharmacy , Rite Aid etc.. These medicines do provide relief but they won’t be around forever so it’s best to choose what works for you and stick with it until you find something better .