When Is The Best Time To Take Medication


There is no ideal time to take medication, and it can be taken at any point throughout the day. However, trying not to take your antidepressant too early in the morning might help you feel better for longer, as this is when people tend to experience their worst symptoms. You should also talk with your doctor about stopping your medication if you are experiencing side effects such as sleep problems or feeling sick all of the time (see ‘Side Effects’).

How long does it last? What happens if I do not take my medication every day?

Antidepressants have a long-lasting effect on most people who use them regularly. This means that they will only need adjusting once a year or so depending on how often they have been used before. If you find that you are forgetting to keep taking your medicine regularly then speak with your doctor right away about making changes in how often you are using it. It could simply be that there has been an adjustment made which needs changing again – dosing may change over time because of repeat visits by labs or other factors which mean more frequent blood tests are required than originally planned for example.

I am pregnant/breastfeeding/on drugs/have medical conditions – what should I do? Is taking antidepressants safe during pregnancy? Can children use these medicines safely without supervision from an adult? Are there any risks involved with breastfeeding during treatment with antidepressants etc.?