When Is The Best Time To Take Losartan Morning Or Night


When you are having symptoms at night, it is best to take the medication in the morning. The evening dose will be higher (about 3-4 times greater than an equivalent dose taken during the day) and this may cause side effects such as dizziness or fatigue. However, if your symptoms improve once you have started taking losartan then it is unlikely that there has been a change in your condition since starting treatment. As long as you can carry out everyday activities without feeling unwell, then it is unlikely that any improvement would continue after stopping losartan . It can take up to 2 weeks for symptoms of angina to subside completely when treating with a beta blocker – however, many people find that they get on well with these medications from the start and experience immediate benefits from beginning treatment. If you do not benefit from losartan , then try something else until your doctor feels more confident about suggesting other drug treatments instead. You should discuss all of these options with your doctor before making a decision about which treatment option suits you best