When Is The Best Time To Take Ferrous Sulfate


For patients with iron deficiency anemia or inflammatory disorders such as nephritis, gouty arthritis, and dermatomyositis: Adults: Give 30 mg daily by mouth in divided doses. Children 12 years of age and over: 1 to 2 mg/kg per day in two or three divided doses.

For patients with idiopathic hemolytic anemia (Wilson disease): Give 30 mg every six hours during the first week; if no improvement is observed after five days, give 3 to 5 mg twice a day until recovery occurs.

For individuals who are receiving iron therapy for other reasons (e.g., chronic parenteral nutrition [TPN], dialysis), administer orally before TPN begins to ensure adequate absorption; provide oral ferrous sulfate without meals if the patient will be receiving TPN at night or at work.

Pregnancy Category B: Fosphenytoin sodium has been shown to be teratogenic when administered during the first trimester of pregnancy; there have been rare reports of fetal damage associated with long-term administration of this drug in women who were pregnant when therapy was initiated (see CONTRAINDICATIONS). In humans, cross-sensitivity between fosphenytoin sodium and phenobarbital may occur but neither agent should be given concurrently because subsequent levels may become dangerous due to accumulation from both agents being present within the same tissues or fluids [see DOSAGE AND ADMINISTR