When Is The Best Time To Take Coq10


The recommended dose of coenzyme Q10 is 200 mg per day. You can begin taking it in the morning or late afternoon, but take at least a couple of hours between doses to allow the body time to absorb it. If you’re prone to headaches, try taking your daily dosage at night because there are many studies that suggest that too much sunlight can prevent the production of CoQ10 and cause a deficiency in this nutrient. It may also be wise for women who are pregnant or lactating to avoid supplements containing COQ10 due to its possible effects on unborn children and nursing infants if their mothers have taken high doses regularly over several months.

If you start taking CoQ10 when your doctor recommends it, chances are good that you will see benefits from supplementation within a few weeks—and perhaps even sooner than that! In fact, some people report feeling better after just one week!