When Is The Best Time To Take Coconut Oil

) before you take the supplement.

There are two ingredients in coconut oil that might strengthen your bones, which are lauric acid and caprylic acid. These acids are found naturally in breast milk, but you could also get these acids from raw butter. They have been shown to promote bone mineralization by increasing calcium absorption into bone tissue (source). These chemicals can also help reduce inflammation within the body, helping to prevent future breakdown of your bones (source). You can read more about this here: Promoting Bone Strength through Coconut Oil Consumption.

Butter is another good option for osteoporosis prevention because it contains a combination of fat-soluble vitamins A, D and K2 as well as vitamin E – all important nutrients for strong bones! Butter contains unsaturated fatty acids known as omega 3s which have been shown to be beneficial molecules during an efficient metabolism (source). This means that they increase energy levels throughout the day while reducing appetite due to their anti-inflammatory properties (source) improving heart health too! It has even come under some controversy because it has become associated with obesity due to saturated fat content; however there is no evidence supporting this claim (find out more here: Could Butter Be Bad For Your Health?) . Read more about why butter may be better than other fats on its own or mixed together here: Are Omega-3 Fats Bad For You? Are Omega 6 Fats Good For You? Should I Eat Fat At All? Or… What