When Is The Best Time To Take Bcaa Supplements


BCAA supplements are taken anytime, but it is best to wait at least one hour after training or after a meal. The reason for this is that the BCAAs will be released from their storage sites and can then enter into our system more easily. One thing you should know about BCAA supplements: they don’t stimulate protein synthesis like other forms of anabolic free-form amino acids such as leucine and lysine do.

What type of bcaa supplement should I take?

The most common types of BCAA products that we see in stores today include: powder form (usually mixed with sucralose), capsule form (preferably gelatin based) and tablets/capsule blends which contain both powder and capsules. The powders may come in unflavored, natural flavors such as chocolate or strawberry; the capsules usually come plain white color but there are some available flavored by flavor syrups such as cherry or pineapple; however, when choosing a BCAA product look for ones containing L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine and L-Valinamides because these molecules have been proven to promote muscle growth in research studies! Dosage : Start out with 1 gram per 20 lbs body weight twice daily (four grams total). This dosage level has been shown to promote muscle growth in young men who were taking up to 2 gms three times daily [4]. Most people can tolerate higher dosages without any adverse side effects