When Is The Best Time To Take B Vitamins


If you want to take a b vitamin, the best time is right before bed. You know why? Because your body will have ample time to absorb all of the vitamins and minerals contained in each pill. This tip works well for multivitamins as well. Vitamin B12 can be taken at any point throughout the day, but it does help if you take it about an hour before bedtime since that’s when our bodies are most likely to absorb them into our bloodstreams without having too many other things competing for their absorption space. If this isn’t possible, just try taking one pill three times per week instead of daily so that there is sufficient opportunity for absorption later on!

Do I really need B-complex vitamins?

B-vitamin deficiencies are rare in developed countries because we get enough of these fatty acids from our food supply. However, people who eat a lot of processed foods may still experience mild symptoms associated with low levels of biotin (more commonly known as vitamin H) or folic acid due to inadequate dietary intake of these nutrients.* So while they’re not absolutely necessary in healthy adults who eat healthy diets rich in fruits and vegetables, they certainly won’t hurt either! For some people though – especially those over 50 years old – supplementation seems more important than ever since these age groups tend to lose their ability to create new brain cells through normal activity.* But even then…many studies show very few benefits seen after 2 months worth* so feel