When Is The Best Time To Take A Shower


There’s a growing body of evidence that suggests the optimal time to take a shower is in the early morning, when no one else is taking showers. In fact, your chances of being seen naked while you’re taking a shower are greater than if you were walking down the street or sitting at home on your sofa reading the newspaper. That’s because people usually keep their eyes fixed on things other than themselves: they look around them and watch television shows. The same tendency helps explain why it feels so awkward when someone accidentally catches you with your pants off in public: You’re not looking at yourself but rather at objects or activities that draw your attention away from what’s going on below waist level! So grab some more hot water and start scrubbing up!

What about swimming? Is there any place I can go where people won’t see me naked?

You probably already know this answer by heart, but let me repeat it anyway—yes there is such a thing as an “ignorant person.” Ignorance under certain circumstances doesn’t guarantee invisibility; otherwise we’d all be able to sneak into restaurants without paying for our meals. In fact, ignorance sometimes intensifies embarrassment—no matter how private you think you are during sex play, others might still see just how much fun two bodies can have together under water (see Chapter 8). Obviously nudity isn’t always embarrassing either—it depends entirely upon who sees what and why they view it in particular