When Is The Best Time To Take A Resting Heart Rate


The best time to take a resting heart rate measurement is during the evening before you go to bed. This is when your body produces the most melatonin, which naturally slows down your heartbeat. In general, however, it’s probably not a good idea to measure your resting heart rate at night — especially if you’re going from rest to exercise. If you do this, expect an increase in heart rate of up to 50 beats per minute above normal levels for about 10 minutes after starting physical activity.[3]

Resting heart rates that read more than 60 or 70 beats per minute are considered abnormal and may indicate a serious underlying health problem such as rapid atrial fibrillation (a rapid uncontrollable fluttering of the upper chambers of the cardiovascular system) or other conditions that will require further medical evaluation by your doctor.[4] Even though these conditions aren’t common among healthy adults, they can be life-threatening if undetected and untreated.