When Is The Best Time To Take A Prebiotic

supplement? For the first week or two, you should have a high-fiber diet to help your body get used to prebiotics. I also recommend taking probiotic capsules for at least one month, because it takes time for bacteria to become established in your colon. In addition, many people find that they need more than one or two prebiotic supplements per day—you may start out with one capsule and gradually increase as tolerated.

If you’re still having trouble maintaining regularity after a few weeks of taking a supplement, try increasing the dosage over several weeks until you reach an effective dose that’s working well for your needs. You might take up to four times the recommended dose once every three days if necessary. Be sure to avoid any kind of laxative as this can stop digestion completely and lead back into constipation again!

What Is Fiber?

As everyone knows by now fiber is essential fuel for our bodies and support system: we need enough good bacteria in our gut so we can absorb all those nutrients we eat—not just fat but also vitamins and minerals such as calcium and magnesium and even certain B vitamins (the whole complex group called “folate”). As much as 50 percent of fiber intake supports good bacterial growth; 25–30 percent helps prevent bloating; 10–15 percent keeps blood sugar stable; 5–10 percent fights cancer cells; 5–10 percent prevents cardiovascular disease (CVD); 4% slows