When Is The Best Time To Stretch


Stretch before and after your workout, but don’t stretch during a workout. If you do so, the muscle will tighten up instead of lengthening as it should. You can also stretch by sitting in a chair or lying on a mat for 20-30 seconds with your arms overhead and legs stretched out behind you.

What is stretching?

Stretching is simply moving muscles through their full range of motion. In most cases this means that the joint goes from its shortest to longest position then back down again as if playing an accordion or trombone – hence the name ‘stretch’!

What does it feel like when I stretch my muscles? What sensation am I trying to create? Feel how much easier it becomes to move each day without pain or stiffness – always a good thing!

How often should I stretch? How long each time? Everyone has different needs regarding frequency and duration of stretching sessions, however unless there are obvious reasons why not stretching may be beneficial (such as tight hamstrings), then do at least 15 minutes per session 3 times daily. The more flexibility you have in all directions, the less injury risk there will be later in life due to lack of flexibility training; because injuries can come about just by doing too many things wrong over time rather than not doing enough things right initially! Stretching should never become boring though – use creative ways throughout everyday life to keep flexing those joints! Don