When Is The Best Time To Start Pumping Breast Milk


The first few days after birth are the ideal time to begin breastmilk feeding. Immediately following delivery, your breasts should be full and you can expect to produce around 280-320 (average 350) milliliters of milk per day. If you have any doubts about whether or not it is safe for your baby, please consult with a lactation consultant prior to breastfeeding. Most women find that their supply begins increasing within 3 days of starting pumping.[1] You don’t need a reason or an explanation for why you want to start pumping; just know that if this decision was hard for you, it will likely be even harder on your baby!

How many times do I pump? How often should I pump?

You need to learn how frequently and how much milk each one of these pumps can generate in order to get the most from them. Ideally every 2 hours but more typically 4-5 times during the 24 hour period when they’re available through my hospital’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit team at no cost! There are different categories in which mothers rate their ease of use: Comfort levels range from 1–5 stars out of 5 while effectiveness ranges from 0–9 stars out of 5 [2]. We recommend trying all three models so that whichever one works best for YOU is what YOU use! Here is some general information regarding when and how often we recommend using these pumps: [3] For additional information regarding nursing duration[4], see our