When Is The Best Time To Start Cutting Your Grass


“I’m not sure. It could be tomorrow or it could be next week.” I was still trying to figure out if the time I needed to spend on my lawn would push me over my budget. “For now, let’s just get everything set up and then we can decide.” I looked at him and tried to read his face. He seemed a little unsure of what he wanted to do as well, but was more ready than I expected him too be for this kind of decision.

He took one last look around and then turned back toward me, pushing his hands into the front pockets of his shorts as he walked toward me with those big brown eyes staring at me again. “You know how long grass grows, right? If you cut your grass all summer long like you usually do, our yard will need some serious attention come wintertime when it gets cold enough that people are walking around in their socks or barefoot most days here in Idaho Falls.” His grin broadened after saying that last part. He actually knew something about northern Idaho winters because he had grown up there until moving away when he went off to college years ago—still far away enough from where Mom lived so she didn’t have much contact with her son except through phone calls or during holidays when they met in person only once every year if she got lucky enough for them both live close enough together geographically that they were able volunteer for each other’s birthdays…and even sometimes Thanksgiving—but never