When Is The Best Time To Spread Grass Seed


When to plant grass is really important. The best time to sow seed for most lawns is early spring or late fall, depending on the climate zones in your area. Although almost all lawn types can be successfully grown throughout the year in most areas of the country, it’s often more beneficial to have one type of turfgrass rather than a mixture of different types. For example, if you are trying to establish a Kentucky bluegrass lawn, choose planting sites with well-drained soil and no shade from taller trees. This will help ensure that the new turf grows vigorously enough during hot months without stress from heat and drought stresses later in summer when temperatures are higher and rainfall fewer. If you live where summers are very cold or moist (such as New England) then you may want to consider growing perennial ryegrass instead which can tolerate cooler temperatures better than Kentucky bluegrass does under these conditions . It’s also good practice not only because some varieties are easier for homeowners but there may be special environmental concerns related to certain species such as mowing frequency when growing perennial ryegrass compared with Kentucky bluegrass

How far apart should my seeds be?