When Is The Best Time To Spray For Spiders


The best time to spray is when the spider population begins to build up. This usually occurs in late summer or early fall, after most of the active spiders have finished their egg-laying phase. Once the bugs are out and about, they’re fairly hardy little critters, so you need a good spray regimen every two weeks for them to stay under control.

How do I determine whether my house has a bad infestation?

It’s pretty easy to tell if your house has an infestation with these type of spiders by looking around carefully. Look at cracks in walls where they can hide, touch baseboards or door frames just inside of rooms that have been closed off for some time (i.e., winter), check closets and storage areas for webs on top of boxes or clothing hangers left near the floor level (you’ll notice lots of tiny cobwebs there). Also look behind furniture pieces or appliances where pipes might be located – those tend to have large webs covering them as well. If it’s difficult for you to see many webbing nests all over your home, chances are you’ve got more than one species crawling through your place!