When Is The Best Time To Spray Cherry Trees


Cherry trees will continue to bloom even if you do not spray them. The more flowers on the tree, the more bees and butterflies they will attract. However, for optimal pollination of your cherry blossoms and fruit production, it is best to apply a good dose of insecticide before flowering begins in early spring. This timing depends on several variables including where you live as well as what time of year it is when you are spraying your orchard. If possible, use an orchard application any time from March through May so that all insects have had enough time to lay their eggs before egg-laying starts in earnest around mid-May. Remember also that each tree has its own unique set of pests which require different tactics depending upon their specific needs at this stage in development (i.e., canaries vs caged birds). It’s important to learn about the various insects that may be present in your area since there are many options available for controlling these pests effectively without harming desirable wildlife species such as songbirds or gray squirrels! Always consult with experts who know exactly what pesticides are appropriate for an individual situation before applying any chemical insecticides according to pesticide labels/regulations required by state laws governing pesticide use including restrictions regarding drift issues etc…spray schedules are usually given per acre but remember one gallon equals 746 square feet – divide accordingly into smaller areas!