When Is The Best Time To Sow Sweet Peas


Sow sweet peas in the garden now to enjoy their flowers over the summer months. Sow seed at 5cm (2in) intervals, 18-24 weeks after last frost. Dig holes for planting and ensure that they are well watered before sowing seeds. Seed can germinate quickly so allow plenty of time for it to grow before you need your crop of sweet peas to be pollinated – usually around 10 days maximum, but may take longer if temperatures are low or there is a drought throughout spring/summer.

Sweet pea plants grown from seed will flower throughout summer, making them ideal for growing as an annual bedding plant through autumn or into winter. Sweet peas do not require constant watering once established in the ground; provide good drainage by keeping weeds under control with regular hoeing and mulching with straw or other organic material to retain moisture without causing too much heat on topsoil during hot spells. The best way to remove old leaves is by cutting them off close to the stem leaving some green growth on stems where new fresh leaf buds will develop soon after flowering starts late summer onwards..

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