When Is The Best Time To Shower Morning Or Night

. You also have to consider how often you sweat. If you are sweating a lot, showering after the workout is best. But if you are not sweating much at all, then showering in the morning may be better because it will give your skin time to recover from the workout!

When Should I Shower?

Ok so now that we know when to shower and what product works best for our bodies (creams or foam), we must figure out when we should actually clean up and take care of ourselves. This is surprisingly difficult because some people like taking showers every day while others do not want to wash their hair everyday; even though some days they feel gross with oil… Are these people crazy!? Most likely not but I’m sure that on more than one occasion someone has said “I don’t want my hair wet today” before taking a hot bath… Well enough about me let me tell you why everyone needs an excuse for washing their hair daily: 1) It keeps your scalp healthy and prevents breakouts 2) Your body produces oils which get trapped between your pores preventing dirt from getting in there 3) Washing your hair removes dead skin cells which can otherwise cause acne 4) Your brain knows how good it feels having clean locks 5) A lack of water makes us cranky 6) Not washing means that bacteria can get into your cuticle resulting in pimples 7) Excess oils clog pores 8 )Daily showers remove unhealthy toxins