When Is The Best Time To Shave Your Legs

? On the first day of your period, not so much.

Sleeping with a tampon in can cause some serious irritation and painful rashes. If you’re concerned about this, remove it before bedtime and see if that helps. It might just be that during periods, it’s more comfortable to sleep without a tampon than while wearing one—that happens too!

I’m worried I’ve broken my teeth while pregnant or breastfeeding? A number of factors can contribute to chipped or cracked teeth (including pregnancy), but generally speaking: like people who smoke cigarettes, the worse they are when you get them means they’ll likely get better over time; try not to worry too much about getting dental work done; and definitely talk with your doctor about how best to manage all these issues since there is no one-size-fits-all approach here. There’s also an excellent website called Tooth Fairy for Dummies (full disclosure: I’m on their advisory board) where dentists answer questions from patients like me…plus we suggest products we think work well for us mamas! And don’t forget the oral rinse post nursing either—it seems counterintuitive at first but really works wonders!