When Is The Best Time To Sell Stocks


If you’re looking to buy a house, the “right” time is when prices are low. If you’re looking at stocks, the right time is when they have reached their intrinsic value. In either case, it’s not about timing but about finding a favorable position in an asset class that will provide long-term returns for your portfolio.

Where can I turn to learn more?

You’ll find a complete description of trend following here: http://www.investingdailyonline.com/trend-following-theory/.

In addition, there are some good books on trend following and technical analysis by John Murphy (see below) and Robert Prechter (http://stockchartsandgraphs.com). Lastly, we recommend reading Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway annual letter where he often mentions his preference for buying companies with both strong earnings growth and superior stock price performance: http://www.berkshirehathawaycongressletters20142015201620172018201920202021Ralph_Webster_CEO_Worth__A__Q__and__Z_.pdf