When Is The Best Time To Seed

a lawn?

When we first start seeing buds form on the plants, and sometimes as early as March 1st. That is when we recommend seeding. You can speed up this process by using a starter fertilizer such as Fertilome Nutrient or Miracle-Gro® Lawn Starter Plant Food to help the roots get established faster. It takes about 45 days from planting for your seeds to germinate, though you may see some germination starting in 10-14 days after planting depending on weather conditions. Once they begin to sprout actively growing leaves will emerge within two weeks – once they reach 2 inches tall you should be able to see them through your clear plastic covering of the planter!

What time does spring come? When do summer months arrive? How long do summers last here in Florida?

The transition from winter into spring starts around mid April and lasts until June 15th*. Days that have been over 75ºF since December 31st are considered “spring” days which means there has been sufficient heat accumulation to support grasses & flowers as far south as Miami, FL (approximately 25 miles). This same pattern holds true for other areas across the state along with most other regions across North America where it is warm enough for grasses and flowering plants to grow during these critical months based on average daily temperatures recorded at a site over a period of years*. Summer arrives approximately one month later than spring so its arrival varies between locations depending upon their latitude relative