When Is The Best Time To Seed Your Lawn


How often to seed your lawn depends on the weather. Early spring seeding is very effective against crabgrass, but too much can cause problems later in the year. For fall and winter use wait until after frost has killed off grassy weeds then apply a light dressing of Scotts Turf Builder Plus Lawn Seed.

What happens if I don’t water my lawn? Will it die out?

Lawns are not cacti! If your lawn does not get enough water it will go dormant or turn brown. That’s nature’s way of telling you something is wrong with the soil moisture level so take immediate steps to correct this situation by watering regularly especially during dry spells when evaporation rates are high due to wind and sun beating down on that same spot for hours at a time!

Will sprinklers kill crabgrass? What about straight hosing them away from my house? Is there any other method besides applying herbicide that might work better?