When Is The Best Time To See The Supermoon Tonight


The moon will reach its closest point to the earth at 3:51 p.m. At that time, it will be about 221,524 miles away from our planet and appear 14% larger than normal. It’ll also appear slightly brighter than average because of the supermoon’s proximity to Earth.

Will I see any difference? Depends on how dark your sky is where you live—the closer you are to the horizon, the more likely you’ll notice a difference in brightness or color (if there are clouds). If you have clear skies with no interference by buildings or trees, consider yourself lucky! The moon won’t look quite as bright as usual since it doesn’t reflect light back into space like normal full moons do; instead, all light rays coming from it hit our atmosphere before reaching us here on Earth. You might even be able to make out craters near the end of each lunar day if your eyes are good enough.