When Is The Best Time To Reserve A Hotel Room

for the weekend?”

“I’m thinking about doing it now.” He tried to keep his voice casual, but there was no hiding how excited he was. “It’ll be busy all this week, and I really want to get a room at that hotel. It’s perfect for making deals.” The thought of seeing her again made his stomach flutter with anticipation. “When are you next free?”

Her tone brightened considerably when she answered him. “Tomorrow morning would work fine.” She hesitated before adding, “What kind of deal do you have in mind?” Her words sounded hesitant rather than playful as they had been earlier tonight. But then her speech became more animated as she continued talking about the details of their upcoming meeting—the location, the time slot he wanted—and he realized that what had seemed like shyness or uncertainty on her part had been nothing more than nerves from being asked out by someone who wasn’t Jacelynna Raelynn. A relief washed over him at realizing that it wasn’t something huge between them; after all these years together, even though Zoey lived under a different roof with a man other than Jacelynna Raelynn every single day, they still knew each other well enough not to feel awkward around one another unless circumstances forced them into positions where either felt uncomfortable revealing their feelings toward one another again . . . hence why she’d told him so quickly what her plans were for tomorrow evening while they were standing in front of the coffee shop on