When Is The Best Time To Repot Orchids


When they have outgrown their pot, the roots are beginning to grow everywhere and it is time to repot them. Repotting can be done in spring or autumn, but you should avoid doing so during the winter months because it will result in a shock for your plant. The ideal temperature for repotting is around 15 degrees Celsius (59 degrees Fahrenheit). You can use a combination of warm water and a spoon to loosen the soil from its container without damaging the roots – make sure that you use only warm water as cold water could damage your plant’s root system. Let it drain completely before putting fresh soil into its new container. Give your orchid another good watering afterwards BEFORE adding any more soil!

You may need to prune one end of an existing stem if there’s too much growth near this end; otherwise, leave everything alone until next year.