When Is The Best Time To Release Music


I’m not a big fan of the release timeline. It can be useful for different types of music, but it doesn’t work very well with pop and club music. The best time to release electronic dance tracks is at night clubs or on cruise ships – because they go out all over the world and reach thousands of people every day. I think you should put your songs up as soon as possible after recording them, so that listeners will have plenty of time to download them before the party starts!

What are some other ways you help promote your music? How do you handle promotion?

Other than via social media channels like Facebook and Twitter, we also use our website www.discodrydenz.com to promote new releases as well as exclusive content from each artist individually which can only be found there (videos, photos etc). We also try to communicate with radio stations who play our artists’ music by sending them hard copies of their singles in order for them to review those releases properly instead of just playing one track over and over again without giving any attention or feedback about what they played – this way DJs know how much confidence we have in their products so they can provide proper feedback back to us about whether something was good enough for airplay or not!