When Is The Best Time To Rattle For Deer


For the most part, during the rut (fall/winter) is when bucks are in their best physical condition. This time of year also lends itself to many predators moving into or near deer range for access to them along with other prey species. Also at this time of year, bucks may be more inclined to turn toward a potential source of food than they would be later in winter when it’s too cold and harsh for them. Early season hunting can also take place during times where there are few hunters around so you don’t have as much competition which makes your success rate even greater! While it can be beneficial, I wouldn’t recommend hunting early season unless you know the area well and know what kind of game is present each day. You do not want to get spooked on opening morning because there were tons of people out today only to find no one was home! It is important that you practice proper tactics before going out for an early season buck hunt!! There are several different ways we use while scouting from tree stands such as checking leaves, branches, antlers etc but I will leave that up to my readers on how they prefer doing this type scouting! Another way we look at our time while watching from a stand is by using three categories: 1- Time Spent 2 – Number Of Deer 3 – Quality Of Deer For example if I am sitting in a stand all morning long only seeing one deer pass over me then my search has been