When Is The Best Time To Put On Lotion


“It’s too hot to put on lotion,” I said as we walked into the kitchen. “Are you going to give me a massage?”

I didn’t wait for her answer before I started removing my shirt and pants. She was staring at me with a little smile playing around the edge of her lips, so I nudged her playfully toward the table. As she sat down, she leaned back against it and slipped from one side to the other without taking off any more clothes or shoes. I could see that there were goose bumps forming all over her body as if she was freezing cold, but how could that be possible? The only thing colder than this room would have been Antarctica in winter!

We stood face-to-face now both half naked except for our panties and bras which were thrown casually onto the chairs where they’d landed when we’d gotten out of them earlier in front of my mirror. Her eyes moved up and down my body slowly until they stopped halfway down my chest where a faint trace of red rose from between those big breasts that filled out those bra cups perfectly like an expensive piece of lingerie made just for me…or maybe not exactly perfect since it had been bought by someone else years ago…but still better designed than anything ever produced since then anyway…and somehow much nicer looking all round because it suited what used to be mine instead of trying too hard like most modern designers seem obsessed with these days making things look good