When Is The Best Time To Put Down Lime


If you are planting a tree, wait until the first frost date in your area. The ideal time to put down wood chips is when they are dry enough that they will not blow around during the winter or spring rains. If you can’t get them completely dried out before putting them down then try to cover only part of the trunk with the chip material. Be careful not to put too much woodchip on it as it may foul up your lawn mower blades and damage plants underneath due to what appears to be over-feeding of plants. You might also consider using some type of fertilizer for trees prior to covering with chips so that nutrients aren’t lost while being covered up by some type of mulch material which tends to wick water away from roots if kept on top for more than a few weeks depending on wind patterns in your area.

How do I keep my flowers blooming longer?

The best way is just by watering regularly throughout the growing period since more moisture means better growth, bigger flowers and leaves etcetera… So give proper attention periodically. After all, nothing comes overnight!

Why doesn’t my house plant smell fresh? Is there anything I can use under its pot besides soil? What about gravel or bark? Do I need soil at all? Why does this happen anyway? And how often should I water it anyway?? A lot questions here but let me start off with why doesn’t my house plant