When Is The Best Time To Put Down Grub Control


1. If the grubs are infested in your lawn but not damaging it, you can safely wait until mid-May when they begin emerging to spray or apply insecticidal soap to control them. This is important. Grubs will emerge only when conditions are favorable for their survival and reproduction (temperature ranges around 68°F / 20°C over a period of several days). In most parts of the country this means that spring rains must be sufficiently plentiful and regular before May 1st to allow egg laying by adult females. A good rain event may not occur until late April or early May, so don’t wait too long after eggs hatch unless you want more problems down the road!

2. When weeds have emerged from dormant winter growth but before plants flower or foliage has developed on trees, shrubs and perennials, a broad range of herbicides labeled for grassy areas can effectively control these noxious weeds without harming desirable plants such as turfgrass and ornamentals if applied according to label directions at recommended rates .

3. To prevent overwintering soil pests from entering into the growing season with potentially serious consequences for adjacent homeowners’ properties where they may invade gardens, landscape beds and other planting areas of residential homes , it’s critical to time applications close enough together so that all susceptible seedlings have been killed prior to emergence – especially groundcovers which usually do not bloom before Mid-April in warm climates – whichever comes first: seeds germinate earlier than