When Is The Best Time To Pull Weeds


Observations on the weed problem in my garden.

The two most popular methods of pulling weeds are to use a hand fork (also called a “thrashing fork”) or to pull them by hand with your fingers. The first method is less effective than the second, but it’s easier to get started. When you’re just starting out I recommend that you try both methods before deciding which one works for you best – and then stick with what works best for you! Here are some myths about removing weeds: Myth 1: It doesn’t matter when I pull weeds, because they all grow back anyway… This is true only if there hasn’t been enough sun exposure during their growing season(s). If your plants have received too little sunlight while they were growing, they won’t be able to come back once the weather cools down again this Fall/Winter. On the other hand, if your plants weren’t getting enough light while they were sprouting through spring & summer growth stages into early fall then it’s pretty likely that at least SOME of them will still be alive when winter sets in. You can check this out by digging around in most areas where the roots haven’t yet died off completely underneath most of your perennials & lawn grasses – even though these areas may appear dark green & lush looking from above ground level, look under them & see whether or not there’s any hint of life left underneath! So always think twice before pulling out EVERYTHING below