When Is The Best Time To Prune Wisteria


When should I prune wisteria? Wisteria is a shrub so it can be pruned anytime you want to keep your plant healthy and growing. Prune just before the new leaves start to emerge in spring, to remove any dead branches or top growth that might restrict light and air flow. The more compact form of wisteria performs better than its sprawling cousin. To encourage fuller branching and develop a stronger shape, cut back at least one-third of the previous year’s growth from July through September. You may also choose to cut back perennial flower stalks in late winter when buds are forming for next summer’s flowers, but these cuts take time to recover from, so if you do make them they should only be temporary until new shoots appear naturally in early spring after flowering has stopped for that season.

Do wisterias need special care?

Yes! Wisterias love full sun with well-drained soil and lots of water during their active growing seasons (spring & summer). They dislike shade which causes leggy weak growth because it reduces the amount of sunlight being reflected off plants parts such as leaves & stems. If animals have been eating on your plants try spraying with an organic vegetable oil spray or making sure there aren’t weeds around by keeping away from areas where other plants grow close together – too much competition can cause different kinds of insects/pests like aphids etc..

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