When Is The Best Time To Prune Trees In Colorado

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When should you prune your trees in the front yard of an apartment complex? – When do i need to trim my trees outside my house in nashville tn. Should i cut them now or wait until spring? What kind of season is it now? It snowed yesterday and there are no leaves on the ground yet. How long will this take for them to grow back?? They seem pretty healthy although they have not bloomed at all this year. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! I live in southern california, well here it is april but still cold even though its 80 degrees outside….should i wait till next winter before cutting any branches off these two young maple trees that are just starting out, or can they handle being trimmed right now since its only April??? Im worried about getting into trouble if im caught doing something stupid with them…im new around here so please be gentle!!!!!! Thanks….i really hope someone can give me some answers!!!