When Is The Best Time To Prune Forsythia Bushes

There are two times of the year to prune forsythia bushes. You must start this task early in the spring, before the buds open. The best time would be between April and May so that you can have all leaves removed at once, rather than have to remove individual branches every few weeks later on during summer.

How much does it cost to buy a boxwood plant My local nursery charges $12 per plant – do I pay that price each year or is there a discount if I buy more? This depends on what type of boxwood you want. Most people want dwarf varieties because they don’t grow as large as regular varieties, but some people like them because they become smaller over time (like rhododendrons). You should ask your nursery how much they charge for these different types of boxwoods when buying one single plant!

When is the best flowering season for poinsettia plants Poinsettias are annuals which bloom in Winter/Springtime but will wilt after blooming and die back by Summer/Falltime due to lack of sunshine hours until Fall arrives again with longer sunshine hours needed for re-bloom. There are many cultivars available now which flower earlier & produce an earlier crop too – check out our selection below: