When Is The Best Time To Prune A Fig Tree


If the figs are being produced from a cutting or suckering, these can be pruned at any time. The shoots will have been formed from the cuttings and so should not need to be removed as they will persist for a further season of growth.

How do I remove all dead wood?

Dead branches tend to break off in winter and lie on the ground awaiting spring when they start growing again. Dead branches should therefore be sorted out but it is important that this does not happen too soon as otherwise you may end up with no fruit remaining on the tree! In March/April look under each branch along its length, pick off those that appear to have died back completely and take these away too. Do not let your fingers touch any part of them as you will transfer diseases from one plant to another – just put them into a bag and dispose of them safely: once home, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water afterwards. Continue this process until there is nothing left visible except healthy living foliage – usually after about six weeks’ work! This may seem like an awful lot of effort but eventually it pays dividends by resulting in lots more fruit than if you had done nothing at all during cold winter months: don’t expect such results straight away though; such things take time to show their benefits! If after several seasons no new growth has occurred then all possibilities must be exhausted before concluding that something else is wrong with your tree (see Chapter 12