When Is The Best Time To Pray

?” is the same as saying “when should I go to church?” or “when is it right for me to join a Christian denomination?” While these questions are different by nature, they are not without similarities. For one thing, both questions involve deciding when — or whether — something is appropriate.

But that’s only the beginning of their similarities. Both ask similar things of us–what we ought to do in certain situations! Ask yourself how you would answer each question:

What time of day do you work best? What time on Sunday does your local church meet? Is there an extra charge for joining this club? When should I pay my bills on time? Do I need to confess my sins before receiving Communion at Mass every week? Are there benefits in believing in Jesus Christ and living according to His teachings even though some people may disagree with me about those teachings (or perhaps believe them)? Should I tell anyone else what kind of relationship I have with God now that He has forgiven me for all my sins and given new life into my soul through faith in Him alone (Hebrews 10:7-10)? Shouldn’t everything be done for God’s glory first since He made us (Romans 12:1-5) Heb 1:3; Rom 12:2; Col 2:17; Eph 1:23; Jas 5:[11] Acts 4:[12] Gen 3[13]; Mk 13[14]; Lk 11[15]. Scripture