When Is The Best Time To Potty Train

a dog?

The best time to potty train a puppy or dog is when you first get the pup. Start teaching your new companion what “potty” means and set up a schedule for potty breaks. If your pup is a small breed, start from the beginning with housebreaking. Smaller dogs tend to be more sensitive about this subject, so take things slowly and gradually build on that confidence of yours! It’s not unusual for some pups to show fear at their first attempts at going outside after being inside all day long; it can be especially difficult if they have been taken away from their mother too soon or haven’t had enough positive reinforcement while they were still in nappies. Some experts recommend waiting until three months old before starting training because by then most puppies will know how to use the toilet already, but I’m of the opinion that anything is possible – just give them lots of love and encouragement!

What kind of food should my dog eat?

There are many different kinds of foods on the market today which claim they’re healthier than other brands. In order for these claims to stand up though, there has got to be certain criteria required: The ingredients list must contain only healthy ingredients; The packaging must state whether these ingredients are natural (ie: organic), low fat etc; The price should reflect quality rather than lower prices meaning less nutritious items like preservatives and added sugars which make normal looking foods look better but aren’t actually good for us