When Is The Best Time To Potty Train A Toddler


When does potty training a toddler start?

There are many opinions on when to begin potty training. Some experts will recommend starting at birth, while others believe that parents should wait until about age two or three. There is no set timetable for this process and it can vary from family to family based on the child’s development, temperament and preferences. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends waiting until your child reaches at least one year old before making any changes with regards to toilet ownership or routines. Most toddlers have an emotional attachment to diapers which makes them more resistant to learning new habits unless they’re exposed early on in their lives. In the case of urinary tract infections (UTIs), most experts recommend not going longer than 24 hours between using the bathroom as long as you know what causes UTIs and make sure your baby is clean/wet after each diaper change . It’s also important for children under 2 years old not be exposed frequently to urine-soaked incontinence products such as pull ups , pads and liners because those who’ve been diagnosed with UTI never grow out of it by developing immunity towards these types of bacteria.