When Is The Best Time To Post On Tumblr


I didn’t have a good answer for that one. I don’t post on tumblr very often, and when I do it’s usually to tell someone how much of a bad-ass they are or something like that… But there were other questions about the benefits of posting on social media in general, so here we go.

1. They can be used to get your name out into the world. If you’re an artist who has been working towards getting their stuff published then this is definitely helpful because if people see it enough times they will eventually take notice and want to know more about what you’re doing with your art! However, sometimes these postings might not even translate into anything concrete at all (so don’t give up after just one time posting!), but if nothing ever comes from them than at least you’ve gotten yourself out there!

2. You can reach your target audience by using certain hashtags to find similar artists and fans alike! This is especially true for visual artists such as myself since many people tend to associate Tumblr posts with illustrations and photography rather than graphic design work etc., but once again not every single person likes every type of artwork or puts effort into looking through things posted online so some experimentation may be required before finding the right hashtag which best suits your needs/tastes/marketing strategy (although I’m sure it would help immensely!). Platforms like Twitter also make great places to expand upon this idea: follow accounts related