When Is The Best Time To Plant Your Garden


– Plants do not require light until they are three to four weeks old. For planting during the early spring, start seeds indoors about two months prior to your planned outdoor planting date or as soon as your soil can be worked. In cold climates, you may wish to wait a few more weeks before setting out seedlings for their first true leaves – this will help them become established and grow strong enough for transplanting outdoors. You will know when it is time for transplanting by observing how well the plant has grown in its container – if it is growing strongly and has made roots capable of supporting itself, then now is the time! Of course, keep in mind that most vegetables have a long season of growth so waiting just a little bit longer could be beneficial to you too! If all else fails, try digging up some garden-ready root crops from your last year’s plot; these plants will still need to go through winter dormancy but should make nice transplants right away.

– Nurseries tend to recommend starting seeds indoors at least two months prior (in spring) and even six months (in fall). Remember: if you live outside an area with adequate sunlight hours (or those hours vary greatly depending on where you live), start seedlings sooner rather than later! When choosing which days or weeks would be best for starting seeds outdoors based on local weather conditions like frost dates and temperatures, there really isn’t any “set rule” -your