When Is The Best Time To Plant Weed


Try to plant your weed after it has finished blooming. If you wait too long, the roots become dormant and cannot absorb nutrients from the soil. You can also make sure that you get new fertilizer on a regular basis for best results.

What is better: flower or concentrate?

There are plenty of different types of marijuana plants available, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. Some plants produce large quantities while some others contain high-quality flowers only, while still others have great qualities in both categories! The most common varieties include sativa (flower) and indica (concentrate). Generally speaking, concentrates are more potent than flowers but don’t last as long; however, they do cost less so there is no need to fear them if money is tight!

How many days should I give my weed before smoking it?

The longer your bud sits outdoors without being consumed by bugs or other animals who might eat it, the stronger its strength will be when smoked later on. So how much time does this process take? Marijuana grown indoors usually takes 4-6 weeks before harvesting starts – depending on what strain was chosen – whereas outdoor growing requires at least 12 weeks of natural growth cycle before flowering begins again. These days indoor farming techniques allow cultivation even in small spaces which makes for an ideal solution where space is limited or where fresh air is not readily available outside! Hopefully you can see why outdoor planting may be easier for beginners… But relax since