When Is The Best Time To Plant Watermelons

and cantaloupes in the garden?

Most watermelons and cantaloupes will grow well in the middle of summer, but they’ll be more productive if you plant them in early spring. Watermelon vines prefer heat and humidity, so it makes sense to take advantage of these conditions when their soil is moistest. Cantaloupe varieties can grow just about anywhere that gets four or five hours of sunlight each day—so they need a sunny spot near your house, but not directly under a window.

What types of flowers should I plant with my vegetable seeds?

Think about what kinds of flowers your garden already has and what kinds you wouldn’t mind having around: rosemary, jasmine, lavender . . . You might also think about planting some annuals that flower for several weeks at a time (strawberries), or perennials that add color throughout the growing season (zinnias). And even if you aren’t sure how much room you have left to plant vegetables next year—you can always bring some flowering plants from home! They make great edging for pathways or low-growing ground covers between rows. Just look for ones with deep roots to deter weed growth below them. The following are all good choices: baby blue eyes; zinnia; marigold; geraniums; pansies; petunias; cosmos daisies; nasturtiums ; calendula