When Is The Best Time To Plant Trees

?” “How much fertiliser do I need to use?”

Many people will have a vague idea of how many trees they can grow in their garden without too much trouble, but not enough to plan the right amount. As a general rule of thumb, you should plant one tree for every person who lives within a 50-mile radius. For instance, if you live in Nashville and there are 20 million people living within 50 miles, then you should only plant two trees: one for yourself and another as an extra! But what about those with larger spaces or more fertile ground than others?

Trees grow best when soils are moist throughout the growing season so if your soil is quite dry during summer months it could be difficult to get them established quickly. It’s also important that soil particles don’t become compacted by heavy rains which may lead to poor growth and root failure. If possible allow some space around each tree as this allows air circulation and helps prevent disease spread from neighbouring plants. Trees take several years before they become mature enough to bear fruit; however even at five years old seedlings can produce fruit – although these will not be very tasty!