When Is The Best Time To Plant Trees In Texas


Well, Texas is still in the midst of a very wet spring. It’s too early to plant trees yet. However, you can buy bare root trees and container plants at nurseries throughout the state (and online). I typically recommend starting tree planting after about one year of growth, but that depends on your environment; check with your local nursery for their recommendations.

What are some good places to plant new trees? How do I find them?

If you know where you want to put a tree and there’s room enough in the yard and soil conditions will support it: dig up an existing hole or make another by digging out an old lawn or flower bed; fill this hole with dirt; add 2 inches of compost (if possible) to help feed the roots; choose a native species like Live Oak (Quercus virginiana), Eastern Red Cedar (Juniperus virginia), or White Ash (Fraxinus americana); water well before planting; wait until all danger from frost has passed – usually around late May/early June in Central Texas and October here in East Texas…sooner if temperatures have been hot since March! Planting time varies according to species so ask your local nursery for specific directions. If no holes are available nearby: order bare-root trees from Tulare Nursery at http://www.tularenursery.com/, call Tommy Davis’ Trees Hotline at 1-800-935-9030, visit