When Is The Best Time To Plant Strawberry Seeds


To be successful, you’ll want to plant your strawberries seeds indoors as soon as the weather starts warming up. Plants tend to do very poorly if they begin their germination process too early. Start indoors a month before your last frost date and keep them warm by placing them on top of a heating pad or under lights – but don’t give them more than 20 minutes of direct sunlight! You can also try starting strawberry plants outdoors in pots if you have an area that gets at least six hours of sunlight each day.

When should I fertilize my strawberry plants?

You will need to apply some kind of fertilizer twice per year: once during spring and once during summertime. Use general-purpose granular fertilizer around March 1st for indoor plants and April 15th for outdoor plants (see our page on Annual Fertilizer Recommendations for specific directions). Typically it is best not to use any additional nutrients until after your first harvest or two because excess nitrogen encourages runners from flowers expanding into leafy shoots instead of fruit buds which are what we really want!

How much light does my strawberry plant need? How often should I water my strawberry plant? Should I allow it to dry out between waterings? Will regular water make me sick? These are all common questions about growing strawberries; here’s our answers!