When Is The Best Time To Plant Rose Of Sharon


How To Plant Rose Of Sharon.

1. Before you plant, make sure the area is well drained and has a good amount of organic matter in it to help with drainage during rainfall. 2. Dig a hole in your chosen location for the rose bush’s root ball, since most roses grow from their base rather than from their top portion (trunk), try not to dig too deep at this point as you will need room later on when planting flowers around the base of the tree or shrub.. 3.. Choose how high up on the tree or shrub that you want your new rose bush to be planted and prepare an appropriate sized hole using a shovel if necessary… 4…. Add some organic garden soil/compost mixture into your prepared hole and work it around so that there are no air pockets left behind.. 5… At this stage we would also add some more earthworms or compost tea mix if possible because these little guys love digging up all kinds of dead leaves and other decaying material which can help improve humus content in our own gardens! 6…. Now give yourself plenty of elbow grease; if needed use a hand trowel or garden shovel to spread some soil about evenly over each side of where ever you plan to place your new flower bed /garden plot… 7…. After repeating step number six several times do not leave any dirt clumps above ground level otherwise they may attract mice who may nibble off buds while feeding themselves. 8….. Make sure your