When Is The Best Time To Plant Potatoes


Potatoes can be planted in the spring (March-April), fall (September-October) and in the winter (December). Seldomly you will see potatoes planted in the summer. It is never recommended to plant them when it’s windy, because if they do get blown over, then all of your work has been for nothing!

Where did potatoes come from?

The potato originated on the coast of Peru where it was domesticated more than 5,000 years ago. The Spanish introduced it into Europe during their conquest of South America. It is believed that some time before 1590 Cortez learned about this tuber while exploring Mexico. He brought back several tubers which he successfully grew at his estate near Madrid Spain where he tried them out with pigeon meat but had no luck until one day there were none left… His chef saw what happened and accidentally hit an empty spot on a plate… Then this amazing dish began appearing frequently on Spanish tables!