When Is The Best Time To Plant Passion Fruit


Passion fruit can be planted in the spring and fall. Spring planting is ideal, because the plant grows fast and will produce a lot of fruits before winter comes. Fall planting produces more fruits than spring, but it takes longer to grow up enough so that you can pick them at their ripest.

What do I need to know about pruning passion fruit?

Just like any other citrus tree, passion fruit needs careful pruning to prevent it from becoming leggy or unbalanced. The main objective for growing passion fruit trees is producing lots of delicious fresh-squeezed juice with minimal effort! If your plants are grown well spaced apart (only one every 4 feet) they will provide plenty of room for healthy growth without crowding each other out or fighting against each other for nutrients or sunlight. As long as you refrain from using too much fertilizer on them, they should thrive outside year round – even during full sun summers! They also love water; keep an eye on your soil moisture levels otherwise they may suffer root rot due to too much dryness – then again this could happen if you water them too often either way!

How much fertiliser/chemical treatment should I use?