When Is The Best Time To Plant Mustard Greens


Mustard greens can be planted either in early spring or late fall. If you plant them during the winter months, they will overwinter and produce larger crops than if you wait until they are warm enough to grow outdoors. Planting mustard seeds indoors is also a good way to start new plants for your family’s salads, as opposed to buying them from stores that may not sell just what you want. The soil temperature needs to reach 70°F before planting mustard seeds since cold-sensitive seedlings will most likely die off if planted outside of this time frame.

What kind of soil do I need for growing mustard greens?

You should avoid using poor quality soil when growing any vegetables; however, it is especially important with mustards because their roots stay deep in the ground and feed on nutrients found only there. Make sure your soil is well decomposed (no more than two inches of topsoil) before planting garden crops like these; otherwise, runoff water could cause excessive nutrient buildup which would negatively affect the growth rate of your crop (and possibly kill it). Having at least six inches between rows helps aerate the soil surface so that moisture readily evaporates into the atmosphere instead of collecting near foliage or root systems where it can cause problems during periods of drought.

How big should my Mustard Seed Beds be? How many seeds per bed? What spacing between beds? Do I have too many Vines/Leaves/Flowers etc.?